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Today was tough

Thanksgiving in Vegas was great.
Had In n' Out Wednesday night when I got in, my cousin came over and we had a great time.
Thanksgiving day - awesome.
Yesterday, girls day out. Mani/pedis. Shopping, then dinner at the VooDoo Lounge. Excellent.
Today, Glastonbury (one of my sister's Goldens) had really taken a bad turn. He was diagnosed with cancer about 2 months ago. Needless to say, it was time.
My cousin and his wife came over to stay with "the girls" - Glas' Mom and sister - while we took Glas.
My poor brother in law was a mess but their vet was fantastic.
Unbelievably sad.
Went up to Red Rock Canyon after some storm clouds rolled in and it was snowing .
My sister and I both said Glas sent us the snow. He's happy now and with Ulster, his Dad.
Went to dinner but it's an early night.
We're all so drained.

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me at fenway

Bizarro world

Flying night before Thanksgiving.
Airport is pretty empty.
Flying out of the international terminal likely helps!

Got tickets today for Barry Zito's holiday Strike Out For Troops party in SF on Dec 16th.
So excited! CC supports same charity and he's local. Would love it if he is there!
Swish supports it too.
I'd hyperventilate'

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ha ha

I went down to Foster City to visit Dorothy and Adam today.
Got the 11 am BART to Millbrae and she picked me up.
Listening to the game on XM while walking to the station I turn it off when I no longer get reception underground. 5-0 Angels.
Get picked up and while on the way to Draegers (best. grocery store. ever.) I turn the radio on to get the score. Uh...WHAT? 8-5 Yankees?!
Look back when we get to the house and it's 9-8 Angels. I start cursing. The game was on TBS so we turned it on in time to see the lovely bottom of the 8th.
What fun that turned out to be.

I am very thankful for the series split.
I'd love to hate Mark Texeira for that grand slam but I really just can't.

Anyway, it was a nice day out. There was actually sunshine down the peninsula so yeah, nice day.